How many times we watch some old western movies, where in you can see cowboy boots and guns coming out. The red-yellow mountains and plains that cover a till horizon and the traditional cactus tree. We often think how would it feel to be present there for ourselves, feeling the heat of the Sun? Arizona, USA is the real life majestic place that we often see in movies. Yes, such a place exists for real!

Arizona Travel Guide

Arizona is the state with the area, 2,95,254 sq. km. It is one the largest state of the USA. Arizona is widely famous in the world for The Grand Canyon which is a must include in your Arizona travel guide. Arizona is not on the list of the most attractive states of USA. It is still considered to be one of the backward states. But if you have travelled enough you will know, it is the one of those neglected places which has the real beauty wonders.

Arizona Travel Guide for Travellers

Arizona is a large state. So to prepare Arizona travel guide, we must divide the state in different parts. The major areas include Grand Canyon region, Southern Arizona, Tucson, Central Arizona, Greater Phoenix which is the capital city, Eastern Arizona and Western Arizona. From the mind and soul capturing beauty of the Grand Canyon National park to the river rafting experience in the Colorado, there’s an essence so strong that it attracts 38 million international and domestic travellers to visit the place.

Through various Arizona travel guides over the internet you can know that The Grand Canyon tour is a must do tour! And apart from the tour you can visit the Presidio Historic District. You can also plan a road trip to the Monument valley Navajo Tribal Park. Along-side the Ramsey Creek, The Hamburg Trail is a place loved by the nature lovers. The preserve’s nature centre has the layout of all the species of birds present in the Ramsey Canyon. Ramsey Canyon is best known for bird species, and specifically the Hummingbird. It is home to 500 species including the Vermilion Flycatchers, Red-faced warblers and Gray Hawk.

Things to Do in Arizona

  • Visiting The Grand Canyon
  • River rafting in Colorado
  • Visiting Presidio Historic District
  • Going to Chiricahua National Park
  • Visiting Desert Botanical Garden
  • Seeing the Monument valley Navajo Tribal Park
  • A hot air balloon ride
  • Sedona
  • Canyon De Chelly National monuments
  • Ramsey Canyon

Though the public transport is not as resourceful in Arizona, it makes up for its worth in the beauty of this place. The travellers and tourists prefer renting a car for their travel. But the sight of the desert, yellow-red mountains and cactus trees make the long drives a worthy experience. For the Indians, the driving scenes of Ranbir and Priyanka in Anjana Anjani are the experience you can live yourself. The column in my travel book with the title as ‘Trip to Arizona’ is one decision of the life that I will always cherish.