Travel rewards remain an actively pursued technique for credit card issuers to draw in customers. After all, the idea that one can mostly pay off an expensive trip just by indulging in a gradual accumulation of points sounds easy and cheaper in the long run. If you are a frequent flier, then it is a sensible option to boost up your miles and reduce your airfare by adopting the best travel credit plans. So, here’s how to check out the system.

Tips for Choosing the Best Credit Cards for Travelling


Most banks have tie-ups with certain travel agencies or airlines and have various lucrative options concerning travel credit. You usually get a point (or a mile) when you buy any item. There can be bonus points or miles rewarded for specific purchases or shop at a particular location, which has tie-ups with the bank or company. Once a sufficient number of points have been accumulated, they can be redeemed for the reduction in flight fare or other travel expenses.

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Though it’s hard to list out the features of every credit card in use today, it has to be mentioned that Chase Sapphire Preferred Card has occupied quite an elevated position among the list of recommended credit card for travel for some time. It offers excellent rewards, such as 2X points per dollar on travel or dining. Also, it presents the user with 50,000 bonus points, when you spend 4000 dollars within the first three months, from an account opened on the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. Some other features include its affiliation with many travel partners, zero initial fees for the first year, and some commendable redeeming methods. If annual fees are not your thing, then the next card is an option for you.

The Discover it Miles card is a rather newcomer to the field, though the card is made attractive by its no annual fee feature and around 1.5X miles obtained for every dollar. This is, of course, a little less than that procured by Chase Sapphire Preferred, but its other good features outweigh this minor point.


The Barclaycard Arrival Plus offers 40,000 points when you spend 3000 dollars within the first 90 days. This card has no foreign transaction fees and it provides facilities to cover car travels, ticket fees and other details which are not included with the travel points. There is an annual fee of 89 dollars, although this is waived for the first year. Not to worry, there is a no annual fee version available for this card, but this incurs significant changes in the miles obtained per dollar.

Another popular card is the Platinum card from American Express, which offers 40,000 points when 3000 dollars is spent within the first three months. Though it boasts services like a complimentary Wi-Fi and 200 dollars airline rebate yearly, one has to consider rather significant an annual fee of 450 dollars.

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Some other recommended credit cards are Citi Thank You Premier, Starwood Preferred Guest American Express, Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, U.S. Bank Flex Perks Travel Rewards Visa Signature Card, Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card, among countless others. The exact fact to be noted is that different cards will have a variety of offers, and not all of them will be up to your taste. So, it is advised always to review your credit details and select a card tailored to your needs.