While December to March is the time when Patagonia, which is in the south of Argentina is very surely approachable, the entire country can be toured all around the year. In these months, the weather in Buenos Aires is quite hot. However, if you plan your tour to the place in the cooler months of July and August, the place is very delightful. These are considered the ‘crisp months’ of the year. You can enjoy the beauty of wild flowers in the Lake District in the spring season, in the months between September and November. Whereas, the autumn season the wine valleys which surrounds the Mendoza, visages copper and gold coloured vines, confounded in the background of the Andes.

Month by month travel guide for Argentina

Best Time to Travel to Argentina

January to February

These months are marked as the hottest time in Argentina. The summers are at height in Argentina at this time of the year. Summer time is particularly favourable to travel to Bariloche and El Calafate. The accommodations get filled up quite quickly at this time of the year! It can be pretty wet in the north-west part of the country in the month of January and can be very hot in the north-East west-lands part.


March is a very lovely month for travelling to Argentina. Summers are almost coming to end in the country at this time. However, Patagonia can still be accessible and trekking is very easy to arrange. Mendoza wine festival is celebrated in March in Argentina. This festival eulogizes the harvest of the grapes in the area. Various shows are held across the whole province where dancers perform wearing their traditional costumes. They portray the work that is involved in the whole harvest process.


April means the autumn season. It is a beautiful time in the year for visiting Mendoza’s wine lands and Patagonia. At this time of the year, the crowds get thinned and the beautiful changing colours of the trees give glorious opportunities for photography.


May is the best time to visit Argentina’s wetlands called Esteros de Ibera.  May and June are quite cool months in Argentina and offer great opportunities of spotting the wildlife.


June middle time generally marks the beginning of the ski season in Argentina. It is mainly focused around the area of Bariloche. This is the area where the perfect and most excellent snow gets settled. Not only this, in the later part of the June, you can spot many southern right whales in the Peninsula Valdes.

Best time to travel to Argentina: A general overview

Best Time to Travel to Argentina

For most of the travellers, October is the perfect time for visiting Argentina. The summer heat in Buenos Aires does not arrive till yet. However, the spring flowers bloom in Patagonia and the penguins and whales are very easy to spot from the Peninsula Valdes. You can start planning your tailor-made vacations to Argentina by reaching the travel and tourism specialists. They can design your entire holidays according your specific requirements.