Morocco is commonly considered as a cold country having a hot sun. The best time to travel to Morocco is fall and spring, especially if you’re going on a private tour. The summers in Morocco are extremely hot and winters are extremely chilling. The climate range of Morocco fluctuates greatly because of the geological location of the country. The country is located between Asia, Europe and Africa. The one-of-a-kind weather patterns of Morocco makes it possible to have a perfect area for taking the Morocco tour around the year, but, the time to experience the Morocco falls is between the months of October and May. Touring through Morocco at the time of Ramadan can however be little complicated. It is because many tourist spots and shops there close early or even permanently to celebrate a month long vacation.

The best season for travelling to Morocco

Best time to travel to Morocco

The best time to travel to Morocco is however during the spring season, in the month of April and May and the fall time, the months of September and October. These are the ideal times of the year to plan a Morocco Tour. During this time, it is summer climate in the mountains, in the south and also at the Atlantic coasts and Mediterranean. The winters are perfect at the day time in the south. However, the nights in the deserts are pretty chilly. In case you want to go for some hiking on the mountains, it is best to go in the months from April to October except that you have some previous experience to hike in the snowy conditions.

Contrasting climate of Morocco

The weather and season in Morocco holds new meanings because the high Atlas Mountains divide the country into 2 climatic zones. In the north of the High Atlas, the western winds coming from the Atlantic make the temperature cooler in the north. On the contrary, the weather in the south of the High Atlas is altered because of the Sahara desert.

When to plan your tour

Best time to travel to Morocco

In case the extreme hot weather makes you uncomfortable, it is recommended that you avoid planning your tour to Morocco in the months of July and August because this time of the year is the hottest there. Not only this, some cities like Marrakech can continue to be extremely hot even till the last week of September. If you plan your tour to Morocco in the months of July and August, it would be advisable that you head to the coast, when at the same time there are no set rules in the mountains.

While getting prepared for the Morocco tour, remember that the country is divided in 5 regions:

  1. The middle Atlas
  2. The Rif mountains
  3. Anti-Atlas
  4. High Atlas
  5. Sahara Desert

As a conclusion, the climate of Morocco is like a few others. You can possibly witness warm weather in the Mediterranean coast, snowstorms in the mountains, unbearable Sahara heat and sub-zero temperature in the night in just one day.