Paris is perhaps every romantic couple’s dream holiday destination. Moreover, why would it not be? Paris, Eiffel tower and the whole vibe of the city is infectious. But what is the best time to visit Paris? The answer we fear depends on a lot of different factors and parameters. Thus, it is safe to assume that the answer is relative and therefore, you must have your priorities sorted before you can make the decisions for yourself.

Perfect Time to Explore Paris

Best Time to Visit Paris

Paris is crowded the most during summer time. The months between June to August, the temperature and the weather conditions are in sync with the picture all of us have in mind and therefore it also become the most expensive time. However, if your pocket does not permit you to do so, we suggest you to opt for a better season. To give a clear, concise idea of the weather conditions of every season in Paris, read on.

Summers (June – August) in Paris

Summers are the best as the average temperature is relatively high and the weather conditions are consistent. This stability attracts tourists around the world. But let us warn you, if you are aiming for a quiet holiday, this is definitely not the right time for the crowded streets and hordes of people. Hence it is definitely not anyone’s idea for an ideal vacation.

Autumn (September – November) in Paris

Starting with September, the high prices in tickets and hotel reservations begin to drop. However, with the dip in the rates, along with the significant drops in temperature. From a fair 7 degrees during the summers, the temperature can drop to a mighty 40 degrees. Thus, pack accordingly and enjoy the international fashion shows in September and the Armistice Day in November and everything else in between.

Winter (December- February) in Paris

Winters in Paris are cruel. The temperatures are low and while the idea of romancing in snowfall is a very romantic; it is just not feasible in real life. However, if you feel that you can dare to defy the cold with coats, mufflers and sweaters, and adding a few more layers in between for better concessions on accommodation and cheaper flight tickets, you should go for this seasonal visit.

Fall (March- May) in Paris

If there is a time, comparatively less perfect than the summers to be in Paris, then it is during the fall. Temperatures  generally fluctuate but remain in the forties to sixties range. With the frequent showers in the afternoon, the cheap tickets and pocket friendly accommodation are a bit of a lure for the traveler’s who want to explore the city but their budgets are slightly on the lower side.

Paris is a beautiful city. Not opting for the ideal time and making slight compromises to avoid the crowd is a common tendency amongst people for whom it is a slight turn off. While there is no problem with making such choices, it is important that you have prepared yourself beforehand for the possible inconveniences.