Prepare to take a leap into nature while you travel to Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains’ highest peaks. Ranging from the cosmopolitan and youthful feel of downtown Denver to the splendor of rocks, the exotic resorts to the sparsely inhabited prairie lands with their scenic hills and canyons, a visit to Colorado offers you an ocean of opportunity to marvel at a diverse natural landscape, without entirely sacrificing the modern comforts.

You’ll surely find plenty to enjoy in Colorado and this guide will help you plan your perfect vacation to this place and look closely at what it has got for you!

Best Time to Visit Colorado

Colorado Travel Guide

Winter is often considered as the best season for visiting Colorado, it’s the time of the year in Colorado when you can go for skiing and other adventure sports. You can plan your visit between Octobers to December. Also, during this time, there are chances of getting hotel and flights at lower rates. Spending winters in Colorado mean chilly cold and frequent snowstorms; you need to bundle up your luggage accordingly.

What not to miss in Colorado?

  • Hitting the slopes in the Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • Taking a tour to the Dinosaur National Monument.
  • Hiking and a campfire session at the Royal Arch Trail
  • Taking a tour (and swigging a beer) at the New Belgium Brewery
  • Rafting in the Arkansas River.
  • Hopping to the Steamboat Springs and attending a concert at the scenic Red Rocks Amphitheatre.


With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, a lot of people plan their vacations to this beautiful State. Although, Colorado isn’t well-known for certain cuisines as other states but it is famous for some of its delicacies including the trout, Colorado Snowball, Mountain Oysters, Dippable Crust and the Mexican Cuisine.


You can find various ranges of hotels in Colorado ranging from the five-star luxury palace to rustic cabins. Whether it is a city hotel or mountain resort, the accommodation place in Colorado provides amazing views. Also, you’ll find a bounty of dining options and other activities wherever you stay in Colorado.


It is quite unpredictable to forecast the weather report in Colorado, due to sudden rise and fall of temperature. Typically, the lowest temperatures in the winter in Colorado ranges around 10-20F and highest in the summer are usually 90-100F. The temperature at mountain areas is usually 10 degrees F colder than the Denver/Front Range area.


English is considered as the first language of Colorado spoken by almost 84% of the population. In addition to this, Spanish, German and French is also widely used for communication. The Colorado English is considered as a mixture of the Northern and Midland dialects.


The primary mode of transportation in Colorado is its highway system which connects the northern and the southern part of the state. You can travel across in Colorado using the local trains or using the city network via country roads.

Religion and Culture

Colorado has a diverse culture and religion forms. The place compromises of 64% Christian, 2% Jews, 1%Buddist and 1%Muslim population.


The widely used and accepted Currency in Colorado is the United States Dollar ($).