Travelling to a particular place requires careful planning of a limited amount of resources. If they are not properly allocated, it will result in the trip being a disastrous one. This Herculean task of travel planning can be delegated to the corporate travel agencies which provide different tasks that ease the task of travelling to a remote area.

Areas of Expressions in Corporate Travel Services

Corporate Travel Services

Travel services start right from the time the passenger board an airline to the time they exit the plane and get back home. One of the most important tasks performed by the travel agencies is the management of flight bookings and reservation of seats. Clients find themselves in a muddle when trying to find the right seats and searching out the best airlines. Most do not have time for this and thus booking of flights has become an important part of the services provided by corporate travel agencies.

To better cater to its clientele, travel agencies design travel profiles and allocate a certain amount of resources on each. Here, each passenger profile is made, tailor made to incorporate the type of requirements utilised by them, like accommodations and food required by each client. This client profile is created as a reference in case of acquiring the services of, let’s say, the type of food preferred. If the client is Indian, the agencies make it a point to serve the food native to the region to that particular customer to maximize his comfort.

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Yet another travel service provided by agencies is the assigning of a person to accompany the traveller. The presence of such representative helps to speed up several tasks that might have taken the time to implement,  like remedying the cancellation of tickets and upgrading them, thereby eliminating the time delay that is involved in the calling the agency and asking them for help.

Most of the travel corporate agencies like Thomas Cook, CTA often have package tours that cover some predefined destinations and places. Such featured tours are popular among the vacationers as they contain featured highlights of each spot. Availing of these packages also helps to schedule the itinerary as the tour is already pre-planned as to what places to cover and therefore the vacationer can avoid the hustle and bustle of picking out which places to visit. The packages also offer a reduced amount to visit multiple places, like a tourist package to Malaysia and Singapore.

Some of the more exotic packages are pricier like themed cruise with a number of days spent at each destination, whereas some packages are economy packages aimed to visit different places in less number of days. Other than vacation packages, the travel services also provide educational tours, trips to pilgrimage sites, gala visits, concert and other cultural exhibition visits and the transportation to these places are provided as part of the package.

A personalised approach to the travel, like the setting up of accommodation, transportation and mandatory pit stops at shopping sites sums up the services undertaken by a travel agency.