Florida is the state which is at the most south-eastern corner of USA. It is also called as ‘The sunshine state’. It is a famous winter destination for the affluent people coming from colder regions since a century. The place has thus gained a lot of popularity since then. Florida is a hot destination for many tourists around the world. Having located in south-eastern region of the United States, it houses wildlife in abundance.

Florida and its popularity

Many prominent writers like Tennessee William, Ernest Hemingway etc. have been drawn by the beauty of Florida. Florida’s natural vegetation and climate continues to attract international celebrities too.

Popular Florida places

Florida Travel Guide

The beaches are the most popular attractions of Florida. Along with that, there are some of the world famous theme parks as well which also includes Disney World, Busch gardens, universal studios and SeaWorld. Nevertheless, some of the best-kept secrets of Florida are in isolated and sheltered locations which are away from the tourist spots. But they are worth seeing! Florida is a place that has something to offer to every traveller and every visitor.

With so much of buzz around in the travel and tourism sector, Florida enjoys significant love from its visitors. Here are five places in Florida to see before your skin ages.

Walt Disney World:

Who can forget our favourite Mickey mouse? Walt Disney still enjoys a place of attraction in Orlando, Florida. Thousands of tourists flock everyday to enjoy the magic kingdom and many other attractions of Walt Disney Park.

Universal Studios:

 Universal Studios is another tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida. This huge theme park offers all kinds of rides and experiences and one may find all kinds of rides for all ages. To add, there are hotels, restaurants with exotic cuisines.

Everglades National Park:

Want to encounter wildlife? Florida’s Everglades’ national park has a lot to offer. Everglades’ national park is the second largest wildlife park in Florida after Yellowstone. Having a good proportion of swamp and marshy land it has been a home to American crocodiles, Florida panthers, river otters and many other species.

Kennedy Space and Cape Canaveral:

Kennedy space and cape Canaveral air station is located near cocoa beach on the Atlantic coast. It is spread in an area of 140,000 acre which has housed launching of many space shuttles.


Taking your family to Florida for vacation? Head straight towards Seaworld, Orlando to encounter dolphin and whale shows closely. Also you can closely experience marine life.

No doubts, every state of US is great in terms of size and population. But Florida being densely populated continues to enjoy no.1 position for tourist attraction.

Rules and regulations of Florida

One very important thing that visitors need to be aware of is that Florida is strictly a ‘no loitering zone’, particularly under Florida state statue 56.021 and 810.09. It gives right to all the police officers statewide, whether county, local or state police to behest any person to depart any property or any premises. None of the property is immune from the rule- not motels/hotels, not restaurants, not shopping malls, no parks, no clubs, not even amusement parks or even beaches.