Seattle is cloudy. Seattle is outdoorsy. Seattle is for the admirers of peace, art and architecture. What are the secrets that the travel junkies wish they knew before visiting the city? The greenery of Seattle is pleasing to the eye, but we second there is so much more. Exploring the hidden territories, while the travel junkies confess the secrets, they wished they knew about Seattle before they visited the city.

The City of Seattle through the Travel Guides

Every Seattle travel guide will briefly talk about the artsy vibes of the place. While some travel guides suggest that the duration of your stay can vary from a day to a week. Anyway, we recommend a brief three-day trip to ensure that you have absorbed the vibes of the city. Nevertheless, irrespective of the duration of the trip, it is mandatory that you do a few things when you are enjoying the explicit beauty of Seattle.

Cloudy weather

Seattle travel guide

How often have you heard people tell you that the weather in Seattle is unpredictable? As it turns out, they tell you the cold, harsh truth. Whenever you are visiting the city, it is very important to carry your rain gear otherwise you will remain stuck wherever you are until the rain gods decide to show some mercy on you.

The Seafood

From Oysters to crabs and salmon, if you are in Seattle, you have to get a good taste of the seafood in the city. Be it the crab cakes, scallops and oysters served on a half shell at Ray’s Boathouse or the oyster bar at The Walrus and the Carpenter or the quintessential waterfront dining experience at Elliot’s Oyster House. It’s certain that your meals are bound to get better with every bite. Even if you are not a seafood person, the steak tartare and local cheeses make up for a pretty lavish experience.

Cafes and Bookshops

Seattle travel guide

The quaint, peaceful environment at small roadside cafés and the attached bookshops are excellent if you feel that solitude is your best friend. From light suppers to the facility of buying books or just renting old withered copies of classics, there are a number of cafes in Seattle that serve the purpose. On a Saturday afternoon, you can see a number of people cuddle up with a book, some crepes or waffles and a wide array of other drinks and bask in the glory of the environment. Despite the existence of big names in the field of book retailers, there has to be some reason that they are still in business and doing fairly well, haven’t they?

Sometimes, it is difficult to sum up the experiences in words. To expect that Seattle travel guides will capture the entire vibe at once is impossible but we are all thriving on the hope that even though words might fail you at times, but experiencing it on your own, the memories will stay alive forever in a traveler’s mind.