Those days are already gone when education consisted of merely textbooks and notebooks. In the present generation of students, instead of immersing themselves in the sea of books at a library, they are choosing to explore the internet and soak in as much knowledge as they can. The adaption can be noted down in every field of learning. Among this, travel programs for students get immediate attention. Here’s a short note from our end regarding the student travel programs.

Real Motive Behind Student Travel Programs

Student Travel Programs

The value of practical, hands on experiences is what plays a crucial role in shaping and molding the present generation’s personalities. The world is their oyster and student travel programs have helped them realize just that.

While the importance of the mingling of culture, flora, fauna, language and art, to name a few can be understood only by absorbing the air that surrounds the place. Student travel programs aim to do just that and following are the top five holiday destinations that are being popular for the student travel programs hotspots.


Nepal, with its rich Buddhist heritage and calm, serene landscapes preaches the important lesson of tolerance and being human. The interaction with the monks will leave you bewildered and teach you how “simple living and high thinking can be easily implemented in the era where we feel handicapped without our gadgets”.


From the fine tobacco to the white sand beaches and to the Spanish colonial architecture, Cuba is meant for those who appreciate nature, sunshine and fine works of art. Of course, getting lost in the marvels will teach you the subtle act of appreciating art that most of us have forgotten of late. For people who appreciate dance, there is Salsa and there is cabaret. We do not see anyone complaining.


Thailand, with its beaches, ornate statues of Buddha and royal palaces is a feast not just for people who appreciate art, but people who love stories and the art of storytelling. Perhaps, those with a strong imagination shall find themselves reliving the stories associated with tourist attractions. Chinatown and its strong South Asian flavors along with crammed, dingy lanes have a completely different story to tell. The ruins, the strong Hindu roots and the highlands present unique opportunities to the young minds.


Located in South America, Peru is the ideal holiday destination for those who are interested not just in the aesthetic beauty of the nature, but want to understand flora and fauna. Machu Pichu, located in the Andes Mountains, is yet another opportunity for the young minds. The strong Spanish influences and the Incan culture with its artistic traditions offer yet another dimension. For those with a special interest in fashion and textile, there is the ancient style of embroidery called baroque that dominated the clothing trends in the colonial times.


For those who believe that food is an important part of being human will tell you about the rich culinary history of the country. From the pastas to the pizzas, there is so much for a foodie to explore and understand.

Student travel programs often choose destinations where there is something for everyone and these destinations are just that.