While there is no bad time to visit Italy, still there are considerations to the question when is the best time to travel to Italy. It is actually something that requires a lot of assessment. However, like Elizabeth Gilbert mentions in her book, “Eat Pray Love” that anyone who is fond of food must visit Italy. Italians have wonderfully mastered the subtle art of balancing flavors with fresh produce. If you are a foodie and have an invincible eye for yummy food, you should have to read further.

The Culinary Seasons of Italy: Best Time for a Memorable Trip

best time to travel to Italy

Foodies round the world will tell you that the Italian kitchen has two prime seasons. They must make sure that they are in Italy, trying out the delicacies at least once in a lifetime. The first season, is the spring when the fresh productions in farms find their way to the markets and the culinary enthusiasts make sure that every delicacy prepared from the produce is of top notch quality. The second season however is in the fall when the grape harvests are made. This season is celebrated throughout the countryside.

The spring in Italy

Spring is a delightful experience in itself irrespective of where you are. However, in Italy, the culinary enthusiasts see it as a wonderful opportunity to stock up on local produce from the cheery, busting markets.

Fava beans or gargantuan require lots of efforts to finally get to the part which is edible. However, when you incorporate it into a delicate stir-fry with fried pig cheeks, it seems absolutely worth the pain. Fava beans, when tender in their early youth are served raw with some pecorino and salt for seasoning.

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Wild asparagus obtained from foraging locations are eaten when young and small. Different from the cultivated varieties, they taste amazing with a gentle squeeze of lime post the light blanching and tossing in salted butter. The specialty of wild asparagus is the fact that they retain their original flavors and do not lose their characteristic flavors when paired with meat. There is no better example than alla carbonara.

Fall in Italy

With the arrival of fall in Italy, the grapes are harvested and the celebrations in the countryside are a mesmerizing experience. Vino Novello, or the first wine from the season’s harvest, do not need aging. Rich with its berry like purple color is very fresh and fruity. Unlike rest of the wines, it does not get better with age. Therefore, it must be consumed within the first six months of purchase.

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Fall is also the season when truffles, a rare variety of mushrooms are served in Italy. Coming in two varieties, namely, black and white, these ridiculous looking fungi have a mellow yet distinctive divine taste. From pasta to pizza, eggs and meat, truffles never disappoint. Fresh figs paired with prosciutto, which is cured ham, or salami is a very popular appetizer.

Clearly, there is so much more that cannot be summarized in words.