Do your travel apps provide you confidence as a traveler?

Yes? How did you make them useful?

No? How could you make them useful?

Today I’m going to list out top five all time favorite mobile travel apps. Invariably, I download a lot of mobile apps, which I’m sure you do as well. Out of all the stuff I download I probably keep 1/16th of it and the ones we keep, are the stuff we pretty much go to all the time.

Top 5 Travel Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

Travel Apps

1. Converter App

Get convert. I love this app. It is my go to app all the time. This allows me to convert currency as well as measurements and weight and volume, weather and all that stuff because the American conversion system tends to be very different from the European nation one. And I feel like the rest of the world is on one system and we are on a completely different system. I don’t know how that happened! But I need this app! I’ve tried many other conversion apps and they offer a ton of options and you’re like- Oh my God, I’m just so overwhelmed by these options. This is simple. It’s not like trying to use a scientific calculator!

2. Travisa Visa App

The way you use it is that you will plug in what country you’re from and then what country you want to go to and boom, it will give you the visa requirements for the country!

3. Sit or Squat App

Where to find toilets? Now let us talk about one of the great travel apps that is Sit or Squat app. It is an app that unfortunately has to be online for you to use because it operates by GPS. This travel app will find and locate any free or paid toilets in the area that you’re in. One of the most uncomfortable things as you’re traveling is to discover that you have to pee, while you’re in the middle of sightseeing.

4. Smart Traveler App

Next app is smart traveler and it is primarily for American travelers and it runs in sync with the website. I love this app because it can give me all warnings as well as alerts, like Granada. It shows me our current relations with them as well as the politics going on there, wars, if there’s more pick pocketing versus violent crime.

I know a lot of people think that Americans totally hyperventilate about safety issues. I don’t know if you can hear the sirens in the background there. A lot of people think Americans are super sensitive about being safe and that’s because a lot of people don’t like us. Smart traveler. Downloaded it.

5. GasBuddy App

This operates on GPS so unfortunately you have to be online but I love it because it’s brilliant. It lists all the stations in your neighborhood as well as the gas prices so you can basically find the cheapest gas prices that are in your area and it has consistently worked wherever I travel to United States. I don’t know if it works abroad however.

All the travel apps listed above are free apps which is the best part about this list. Again, I have more apps that I use and would recommend. If there’s any interest then let me know down below. If you have any apps you’d like to recommend, I’m always willing to check new ones out.