Gear yourself up to travel more, experience the luxury in exotic hotels, free flight tickets, and chance upon to accommodate executive well-furnished lounges and a lot more. Yes, now all this is possible with travel reward credit cards. What is it? Travel reward credit card is two miles per dollar spent on all purchases using a credit card. All of us have different preferences and expectations. It is quite natural that a single type of travel reward is not enough. Therefore, it becomes quite handy to pick one from ample of varieties. These can be judged mainly on the basis of value, cost and feasibility.

Travel Reward Credit Cards: Which One You Should Choose?

best travel reward credit cards

Today I would be sharing five different travel reward credit cards which certainly will help you making a suitable decision in future.

Chase Sapphire Reward Credit Card:

Are you afraid of losing value while transferring? With Chase Sapphire you don’t have to worry any more. You may transfer points to your partners (using Chase Travel) at a maximum value of 1000. 2X points are awarded for dining at restaurants and venturing and 1 point for spending on purchases from anywhere in the world. The plus point is that you do not have to pay transaction fees even if it’s occurring in a foreign country. For the first year to waive, the annual fee is 95$.

Bank Americard Reward Credit Card:

Many a times we lose points and miss opportunities due to expiration but Bank Americard travel reward credit card takes care that nothing gets out of date. In fact, they award 10% additional customer points on every expenditure/purchase while you have an active checking with the Bank of America. It has two plus points- no fees for transaction (including foreign) and it’s completely free. You don’t have to pay fees annually if you make a purchase of 1000$. It does not offer airlines perk.

Capital One Reward Credit Card:

On all the purchases it offers two miles spent on purchase. You can easily earn innumerable miles and swap for statement credit on travel expenses, airline and hotel. For the first year there is no annual fee but if one wishes to continue, it charges around 59$. Unlike Chase Sapphire, it does not offer air-line specific perks attached with co-brands.

Discover it: Miles

 It helps you earn 1.5x miles/ per dollar spent on all the purchases. It will certainly surprise you with a huge bonus at the end of the first year. Miles can be compensated for credit on cash deposited in account and travel expenses. Also you may get $30 a year in-flight fees credited. No fee for foreign transaction and no annual fee.

Starwood preferred guest credit card via American Express:

Last but not the least. Starwood guest credit card offers travel benefits such as discount on executive airport lounge and concession on in-flight expenses. It’s due to many elite hotels which uplifts its status. For example, we suppose that you are dwelling in Sheraton, then your third night is free and as per the norm, you get a gold status on spending $30,000 plus/year. One of the drawbacks, it is not accepted internationally.