Laws, society and the need for socializing have fueled globalization. The need for mingling cultures is growing. It is sad that there is very little knowledge about international travel despite all these things. All that we know is that the need of a document called visa. However, what is a visa? How does visa travel work? How to apply for a visa? We are answering three such questions for you in this article. While we do so, you will see us busting various major visa travel myths making the image associated with the concept clearer and fairly easier to understand.

What is a Visa?

Visa travel

A visa is a written official document issued by the foreign authority of the country you want to visit. The document entitles your duration of the stay. It also takes into account the purpose of your travel. Your visa is glued to your passport, giving you the permission to enter that country.

1. Where to report to get a visa?

The reporting venue to acquire a visa differs from country to country. To know where you can apply for a visa in your country, you must visit the nearest travel agent. Else, you can also obtain reliable information on the same using the internet and government verified websites. Before you visit the office, you must carry your passport with you. Otherwise, you can also mail them the passport along with a self addressed, stamped envelope. The passport is the key element here.

2. What are the requirements to avail a visa?

The requirements to avail a visa vary from country to country. From the fees to the processing time for the issue of the visa varies too. You must also understand that the kind of visa, namely work visa, tourist visa, student visa and business visa also determines the processing time and the fees. Also, it is completely your responsibility to have enough pages in your passport for them to attach the visa. The issue of visa upon arrival to the destination country, again, is a common practice.

3. How to extend your stay at a destination?

Generally, you need a visa if you are going to stay in a country for more than 90 days. The process of extending your vacation, renewal of visa etc comes under the process of changing the status of your visa. This is applicable for all kinds of visa. The process of application in this case, again, varies across countries. Therefore, the easiest and the most reliable thing to do is visit the nearest government office and see the consular authorities. They will redirect you to the responsible authorities who will guide you through the process.

Visa travel with its rules and regulations can be slightly difficult to tackle. However, with ample knowledge of who to consult and where to ask for access of right information will make it easier on your part to understanding the rules. Sticking to the rules ensures safety.