When you’re planning to travel abroad, there are so many things that you get excited about: site seeing, trying out the local cuisine and undoubtedly staying in the hotels. It is important that you are prepared by being sure that your credit card aids you in paying for all your fun experiences which you have planned for your trip. Given below are a few tips for you if you’re planning on using your Wells Fargo Travel Card while traveling:


Wells Fargo Travel Card

Try to avoid any kind of issues when you’re using your Wells Fargo Travelcard at the time of traveling. You must always upload and update your travel plan online and should use the mobile banking app. In a case of any problem or query, you can also call the company anytime. The calls are toll-free. You can call them from any country you are staying in.


Almost all the foreign ATMs need a 4-digit numeric PIN, i.e. Personal Identification Number. However, if you have the alphabetic PIN instead of the numeric ones, you should translate the letters of your PIN into numbers with the help of keypad at one of the Wells Fargo ATM prior to leaving for your journey. The other way of doing this is by visiting one of the Wells Fargo stores or calling on their contact number i.e. 1-800-869-3557.


Generally, the debit cards offer you a much better exchange rate compared to what you will receive from the currency exchange bureaus. It is important that you keep yourself aware of the daily ATM cash withdrawal and the purchase limits earlier to when you travel. You can get this information from your Card Profile page on the site i.e. wellsfaro.com or by talking to the local Wells Fargo bankers. Most of the foreign ATM networks will offer you the instructions in English, but not all of them. Some of these foreign ATMs are accessible only at the time of general business hours.


If you’re traveling to small towns, make sure you have withdrawn enough cash so you can cover your expenses. This is important because many small towns do not have ATMs. Most of the foreign ATMs permit you the transactions only if it involves your main linked account, the primary one. In case you’re not able to use your debit card at any ATM, you can use it for getting over-the-counter cash payment at any local bank. Some minimal fees may apply in this case.

Make sure that you put your card and your money away instantly after you have made your withdrawal. You can count your money later when you’re not in public view. Currently, Cuba is a country where Wells Fargo Travel Card cannot be used. You should, therefore, call the customer care of Wells Fargo Travel Card to learn about the other options to make purchases in case you’re planning your trip to Cuba.