While traveler’s checks are outdated, some old school souls have still managed to keep them alive. You might get confused with its preciseness. In the times, when modern technology has taken over our lives and we rely so much on connectivity, it is great to know that these practices, though rare and ancient, still exist. While we can almost hear some letting out loud, shrill squeals of excitement, there are others whose excitement subsided and are contemplating where to buy traveler’s checks. For them and those to whom this concept is new, this article will provide a general idea about buying, understanding and the use of traveler’s checks.

What is a Traveler’s check?

Where to Buy Traveler's Checks?

A traveler’s check replaces money. They were more prevalent in the times when internet banking and ATMs did not exist. With a predetermined value, you could exchange these traveler’s checks for cash at various places. The biggest advantage of traveler’s check is that only you can cash them. Therefore, in case of theft or loss, you can replace them with new checks.

When to use your traveler’s checks?

While the earlier use of traveler’s checks– as a safe way to have money available at your disposal when travelling to far off lands– changed and it has become an effective way to cut down on unnecessary fees and charges when withdrawing from ATMs or when the nearby ATM is at a considerable distance. Also, under situations when the ATMs are not accepting your cards or the PIN, it is a good backup option to carry traveler’s checks.

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Again, in case the destination of your travel is a place where you stand at a greater risk of being mugged, keeping traveler’s checks handy are really beneficial. Liquidated only by your signature, you do not have to worry about someone else accessing it or the hassle of blocking them as in case of credit cards and debit cards.

Where to buy Travelers checks?

Traveler’s checks can be bought globally from renowned brands like Visa or American Express or Thomas Cook. These brands with their international presence present a greater chance to being accepted at various venues.

American Express does not charge any commission and can be bought from Chase and Apple banks. Mastercard’s prepaid card looks exactly like a card with modern reloadable facilities and the zero liability clause.

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Travelex gives out a cash passport, which carries multiple currencies (as many as six different currencies). These cash passports are great for people who travel worldwide. Again, not being connected to the bank accounts does not allow access to personal information upon unauthorized access. Visa’s version of traveler’s checks is called Visa Travel Money Cards. Despite being a prepaid, re-loadable card, it functions exactly like a debit card but its use can incur fees and charges that vary from country to country.

While traveling with traveler’s checks, always ensure that you have some for your travel partners as well. To have just one person signing for using traveler’s card can sometimes become tedious.